Growing up in rural Manitoba, Karl had all the time in the world to hone his skill amongst the biggest trees in the back 40. At the age of 4 Karl began his journey into the land of carpentry by using his father's bandsaw —incident free. Woodworking came naturally to him but it took years of practice and dedication to develop the competence to be able to put tools back on the hooks where they belong. 

Being simply a Provincial Skills Competition Gold Medal Winner and a Red Seal Carpenter wasn’t good enough for the Wunderkind, he aspired to be a modern day Renaissance Man.  His talents soon included: Filmmaker, Motion Graphic Artist, Graphic designer, 3D Modeller/Cad, and Drummer.  In each and every endeavour he has joyously maintained his exceptionally high standards. Most recently Karl began working in the visual art field of Projection Mapping where he has combined all of his expertise.

Karl is a fourth generation Carpenter in a long line of German craftsmen. He has plans of creating a film history of the art of carpentry, featuring the various techniques of the world's most skilled hammer-wielding wood-smiths.

Mom, Pops, Karl, and Hairbrush

Mom, Pops, Karl, and Hairbrush

My Father Al Simmons is a Vaudevillian for the past 50 years and has made my life into a spectacular creative circus. My mother Barb Simmons is even more influential and talented. Without mom my brain woudlnt work. 

A documentry about my fathers horse bicycle (featuring me as a little man)

Al Simmons, as The Human Jukebox, on CBC's "Summer Festival," a national TV series from various cities across Canada. This episode was recorded in Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park in May of 1980 with host Arvel Gray. In 1977 Bart Bourne, an eccentric Winnipeg genius saw Grimes Poznikov playing trumpet as San Francisco's Automatic Human Jukebox.